Healing with Guided Meditations


Toni 's guided meditation leads the sisters to their own understanding as they stand upon the cusp of their own healing. Using 428 HZ, 528 HZ and Binereal beat sounds to assist in your journey to your core being. , 

GPS to your healing


You  cannot get to your healing without the right tools. we use the Yoni Egg as a launch point to reconnecting you to your root and sacral Chakra. 

In addition, a guidebook is handed to the sisters once a week with a series of questions, and ideas to digest and integrate within your daily life. 



This womb healing class has been amazing. I love the exercises we have been doing, they really help put the healing process into action! We’re doing it, not just talking about it! With that said I really love the free flow talking that we do, it opens the door to each of our unique healing needs. Thank you Mary for your sound bath that reverberates healing light through every cell in my body. And thank you Toni for your expansive understanding and visualizations that help clear and open the way for my more whole, expanded potential. Thank all you ladies from the bottom of my heart for taking this journey to the depths of our woumbs alongside me! May every woman get to explore her womb so as to live this life more fully, more alive! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t wait to continue on this path of healing and passion, Lindsey, Mariposa, CA

Our Sacred circle meets every two weeks from 6-8PM Thursdays.


Though I try to keep  it to  2 hours be prepared for 3 hrs!

 Its an amazing time and for whatever reason the circles do go over the time we set aside but you will barely realize how much we cover and how time just flies, as every moment seems divinely inspired and so healing and uplifting no one wants to leave.  Chocolate is always served towards the end

NO trauma just healing and purging


I cannot explain it but no one so far has suffered any trauma from purging the trauma only healing and empowerment surfaces. Our method may be unconventional but the process is divinely inspired by Pacha Mama, the greatest of all womb healers.  

I recently worked with a local psychologist in Mariposa, who underwent 2 three hour sessions in order to understand what it is I do. Upon completing the sessions, she saw the benefits and now refers clients to me.

I am currently being coached by Dr. Zeus on my book, Sacred Womb Temple Healing. 

reconnect with your beloved, you!


If you are looking to heal to find a new beloved, this is not for you. But if you are looking to become your own beloved, then our healing process is for you. 

First, you must reconnect your sensuality and your connection with your womb. When that occurs you personal power thrives and yes, this healing of the self can heal your current relationship and/or  attract a new one. 

exploring Sanskaras( impressions),controlling the monkey mind, and purging past dogmas are what we explore and so much more. 

do you want to host a yoni egg sacred circle ?


I would be happy to visit your home or healing office to teach women best practice when using their Yoni eggs. 

I have partnered with Keggel  to supply you with some of the best Yoni eggs on the market.  They all come with organic hemp string, a charm made in Nepal, in a black silky drawstring bag. 

Womb Healing sessions are $65 per session which does not include a Carnelian Yoni egg. 

If you decide on purchasing a Yoni egg from me, know that I work with Keggel who sources the best quartz crystals in the market. They are Gem tested for purity and we know that they are not coated with any carcinogens. 

Please let me know if you would like to refer me to  Yoga studio which might want to offer such a circle for their Yoga clients. 

I also work with Keggel eggs and offer workshops to learn how to maximize the use of your Yoni eggs. This is not only healing practice but also a spiritual practice to calibrate your body, your chakras, and your sense of self worth. 

The power of using quartz crystals can not be underestimated.   

I have see miracles of both a somatic and spiritual healing from this practice. I look forward to chatting with you.