24 hours & what you can expect


Arrival between 1-2:00pm DEPARTURE 2-3PM

upon your confirmation: we will email you the address to the venue. We do this to ensure your privacy and safety - please call toni 310-924-2258 for more information- if you are a keggel.org client please let me know and get $75 off the registered fee.

What you can expect:

Check in around 1PM-


Gather in the garden claim your Carnelian Yoni egg. 

Facilitators will assist you as you sanitize and learn to string your egg. 

while each of you are doing this please be prepared to meet privately w/ Mary and Toni to discuss your intent, your issues, and your end goals.  

After each has been interviewed, we will meet in the studio to open sacred circle. 

The insertion of the Yoni egg can be done privately you will be given 30 minutes to do so. 

Return to sacred circle room. saging of each and every women. We will call upon the 4 corners and the upper and lower realms, calling upon Pacha Mama/ Bhumi/Mother Gaia to assist our journey.

We will begin the first healing Gong bath with a guided meditation.

Sharing talk will ensue. 

Working upon the questions within the guide book, herbal teas and vegan snack will be served. 

Sharing the epiphanies unearthed from the Guidebooks questions.

Close circle. 

Dinner time.

Return to sacred circle. 

Every woman is saged, open the 6 points.

Gong healing bath with guided meditation.

Sharing circle talk.

Herb teas , chocolate and snacks shared-

Close sacred space. 

Open the floor to ecstatic dance. 

Sleep together in the Tara Sanctuary, please be prepared to sleep side by side with your sisters. 

Do bring your Yoga mat, blankets, pillow, towel and personal hygiene needs.


Rise early to the sound of Gong healing. 


Sacred circle time, every woman saged, opening sacred circle.

Guided Gong healing sound bathing and guided meditation.

Sharing circle. Answer questions in the guide book, share your understandings and your epiphanies. Herb teas, snacks shared.

circle closed. 

Final intergration. 


YOU will have access to Mary and Toni were you can reach out to them to talk about your processing. YOU will have two 30 minute sessions. 

If you do not call be assured that we will reach out to you to ensure that your experience is going well!

We want to support you and ensure that your work with the guide book is progressing, that your Yoni egg has not been thrown in a drawer, and that your new spiritual practice with your womb healing is ever blooming. 


real testimonials

Working with Toni and Mary has been an incredible experience which has brought me immense awareness and deep healing. I have been to many workshops/classes for personal growth, but never have I experienced healing at this level.
Becoming aware of  the pain I have unknowingly carried in my womb was unexpected. Beginning the healing journey has brought me closer to myself than I ever imagined. After menopause I had lost my desire to be sexual, i was disconnected from my yoni and sensuality. Part of these teachings is how masturbation can heal our sacred womb. For the first time in many years I was able to please myself out of pure love for myself!
The safe environment created by Toni and Mary was  magical- the sound bathes, guided meditations, learning about yoni eggs, discussions, loving support, and the beautifully written packets we brought home after each session. We were encouraged to journal as we went through the questions, many which shifted me into a place of love, for myself, the collective and beyond.
I am forever grateful to these amazing women for bringing this much needed healing to our world.
                                                                                     R. Hill, Mariposa, CA

This womb healing class has been amazing. I love the exercises we have been doing, they really help put the healing process into action! We’re doing it, not just talking about it! With that said I really love the free flow talking that we do, it opens the door to each of our unique healing needs. Thank you Mary for your sound bath that reverberates healing light through every cell in my body. And thank you Tony for your expansive understanding and visualizations that help clear and open the way for my more whole, expanded potential. Thank all you ladies from the bottom of my heart for taking this journey to the depths of our woumbs alongside me! May every woman get to explore her womb so as to live this life more fully, more alive! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t wait to continue on this path of healing and passion, 

                                                                                      Lindsey. Northern California

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