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Masturbation to manifest your healing

The Chamber of Tears

This is not just about purging your Womb for yourself or your lineage but to create a clearing and healing for the incarnations you have had as a male.

This chalice we call the Womb is the temple that brings forth both lifeforms of the masculine and feminine which are incarnations we women have experienced. 

The Root Chakra is very often ignored. My own personal feeling guides me to believe that perhaps it is ignored because so much trauma has been experienced by the Root and Sacral. 

Sexual abuse, rape and other forms of trauma from individuals who did not respect our boundaries have been stored within the Yoni  AKA the Womb. 

Eckhart Tolle was the first to coin it,” the pain body.” Reggie Ray author of, The Somatic Descent talks about how our bodies’s wisdom is too often misunderstood and its messages are something we are disconnected from hearing. This path to your sacred womb healing Is an arduous path of allowing your body to remember, to purge, and for you to care for your womb’s memory with compassion and patience as she sheds her tears. 

The Men we should have been able to trust; fathers, brothers, uncles, father figures, boyfriends stole parts that were not theirs to take.

The trauma was so impacting that many chose never to speak of it. Some even felt waves of pleasure and because of this found great confusion and shame which again created a sense that this should not be spoken of. 

If you believe in reincarnation as we do, then you know that we have lived lifetimes as both men and women and that we too in other lifetimes may have been, as awful as this may sound, those predators. 

That is not to say that you are at fault. That is to say that within the collective we all carry deep wounds, Samskaras within our root and sacral chakra.  It is within those two chakras  that lies the most density which needs the most work in order to balance out and create deep and meaningful healing. 

  • The root chakra is known as the elephant. Muladhara  It is slow to move, it is dense, it is of the Earth. Elephants have long memories, and great compassion. 
  • The Sacral Chakra is the Crocodile which is Swasdhistana- Here we have the reptilian which embodies water and Taoists describe water as intuitive, feminine and creative. On the flip side of the coin it embodies the reptilian mind which means the primal. 

These two chakras are the primordial parts of ourselves, the anima and animus which Carl Jung calls our shadow self. These are the parts we seem to hide from ourselves. Yet, these are the chakras that need the most attention for the great purging and healing to take place. Imagine building a house without a solid foundation. Not to purge the root and sacral chakra invalidates the power you have achieved with the upper chakras. When the lower chakras are ignored they cannot support all the work done with the upper chakras.

To heal the Yoni is powerful if you are in your childbearing years, for you are healing the sacred temple that will house a new life. 

If you are 80 years old, you are clearing that Samskara of trauma in this life. Think of it as a rock which you are dissolving before you drop the body. This liberates you from taking this Samskara into your next incarnations.



The Chamber of Tears

Masturbation to manifest your healing

The Chamber of Tears

Within the memory of your womb lies a chamber filled with shame, regret, and sorrow. 

This not only contains the traumas of your present life, but those of your mother and her grandmother. When we enter this womb to be birthed into the world we not only take up our Samskaras but those of our ancestral lineage and our collective and historical lineage that has been wrought with violence of every imaginable act.    


So when you decide at an early age to push away and forget the traumas of your present life you add another brick to the stone wall you and others before you have built. 

This ancestral and collective agreement is why so many of us cannot seem to form healthy partnerships with ourselves, hence with our beloved, nor our children.

 It seems many of our relationships are fraught with ego driven battles that seem to have no real reason and yet here they are.  When we arm ourselves with the courage to seek this chamber of shame to see what has been stored there we take the first step towards our own liberation. 

We would never lock away a child in a dark dungeon and yet that is exactly what we have done when we chose to refuse to see and purge the traumas we have hidden away from our own sight.

This chamber of shame is not something to run from or even be afraid of the contents to unearth. Hiding from these traumas does not protect yourself.  Quite the opposite. 

I know and I I fear that many women develop uterine, ovarian, and breast cancer because of the suppression of these traumas. 

These unshed tears, these ignored traumas must be scorched to cinders beneath the light of the sun in order to emerge as the transformation of your best self-- for you are a phoenix ready to burst alive within the fire of transmutation. 

To walk away from the gift of healing your womb is a choice you make which is akin to a slow suicide of the vibrant parts of you who want to offer you the unconditional love you have sought outside of yourself. This jewel is waiting for you to claim it. 

This journey is an Odyssey of magnificent adventures that will reveal the beautiful facets of your being. 

Sound poetic and very metaphoric? Yes, but is it true? 

What does your soul say to this question? Not your ego. What does your soul say to this question?


Masturbation to manifest your healing

Masturbation to manifest your healing

Masturbation to manifest your healing

We have created a way for you to heal past trauma, to forgive what has prevented you to embrace your magnificent self and to conquer the shame of past abuses. 

Masturbation with the right intention is a powerful shift that may very well transform your inner landscape and your outer view of the world. Our retreats are small to create a level of intimacy in dialogue as we do the great work of healing your womb, to purge the tears trapped within and to move into a new way of being. 

 There is so much more to share. with you.

the healing properties of using yoni eggs and how this is one tool to use for your womb healing-- 

We'll discuss how to break away from the collective unconscious approach to sexuality. We will explore how to reconnect to your true beloved which is YOU!

We will give you back your lost memories of your sensual self for your own EMPOWERMENT. 

We are your sisters, here to lead you to Pacha Mama/Bhumi/Mother Gaia's healing womb wisdom. she is the one who you will invite into your healing journey. 

We will offer you sacred space within sharing circles, within ceremonies as you excavate with your sisters, what has held you back, what has kept you mute, and what has shut you down. 

PS: We will not masturbate in a circle-- but we will share and discuss the best practices to explore on your journey to healing. 

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I feel so blessed and honored to assist you as you cross from your shadow self to uncover the brilliant light that you are. 

Our journey will have you discover the beauty of your whole being, the beauty of your  Yoni will reveal itself to you as we work with sound bathing,  You will work with our specially  curated crystal Yoni eggs from Anna Judd who has her gemologist check her eggs for purity, and quality-


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