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For over 4 decades I have been an advocate of female sexuality,

I was raised by a very unorthodox family and sex was freely discussed. My father had an amazing library which housed beautiful erotica. I was allowed full access to the works so that by the time I was 13 years old I had read The Kama Sutra, The Perfumed Garden,How to Make Love to a Man, Sex in Washington and so forth.  My father loved to collect fertility sculptures from Africa and India.  I studied erotica art that dated back to the Neolithic age all the way to the 20th century. 

I did not know it then, but I had received an education of sexual history.  I was never exposed to anything that was deviant though I knew about bestiality, by the time I was 18 I had read Marquis De Sade's work, Anais Ninn evocative erotica and understood the contrast of our shadow selves. I also understand that Tantra was a spiritual practice that offered great healing and spiritual awakenings. 

Later, I realized that sex experienced with a true beloved could heal and shake up calcified Sanskaras in order to purge them! 

 My journey included self publishing a pillow book for breast cancer survivors and their lovers from seed money that was donated from Louise Hay of The Hay Foundation. 

Later, my novel, RECALL was published under the pen name T.A.J. Barca

After taking part in sacred medicine ceremonies I was divinely guided to bring forth new ways to heal the womb via the male and female root and sacral chakra- Some of the ideas that were downloaded may seem shocking but they work.

I feel so privileged to assist you as you walk out of the catacombs of huge emotional traps to uncover the beautiful light that you are. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

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I have been studying Ayurveda medicine for over 3 years. I have travelled the shamanic path for most of my adult years and feel that I walk with Pacha Mama to help women heal from trauma in this life and past lives. So much is trapped within the energetic body and so much can be transformed with the right intent. 

I hope to assist you as you walk the path of the great mother and will assist you as you surrender to her womb wisdom.

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I came to American with $400 in my pocket not knowing English. I guess you could call it Faith and being so young I trusted that all would go well. 

Within my journey of learning how to be in this "new world" I began to seek the healing knowledge of Goddess wisdom. I am obsessed with helping women find their power. 

So many women just need the right push to find self empowered that i want to be there to help as many women as I can get the healing they need to live a life that is filled with joy.

Let me know what you need  I will do my best to help you as you navigate through your transformation.