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A Unique gift for yourself or for a friend. My style is compassionate yet I tell you what is really going on. I will guide you to some actionable tools that will help you navigate through the challenging times and help you focus on the power of your own ability to manifest what you deserve whilst offering you clarity and release from what holds you back. 

$99for one hour is most likely the best value you will find. Ask me about purchasing a package of five prepaid sessions where you will have priority over other clients. 

The five session package is $450

the ten session package is $890

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I called Toni because I felt I was lacking direction. I had lost confidence in my choices and I needed guidance. I needed to know I was taking the right steps forward.

Toni spent over an hour talking with me about simple steps I can take to get rid of negative energy, and welcome and promote positive energy. After our reading, I felt a sense of relief, of pride, and a sense of renewal. I felt motivated to pick myself up and go out into the world and continue moving forward.

She was very kind, patient, and understanding. She created a space that was welcoming and free from judgement. And she helped me gain my confidence back. I am very grateful for the time and wisdom Toni shared with me.

                                                                                                                                                 August 3, 2019 

                                                                                                                                                         Jose M., Fresno, CA psychic tarot reader clairvoyant

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This oracle set is published by the Hay House and created by Colete Baird-Reid-- Oracle cards are an amazing tool to add to your tarot reading. Its a divinely guided message that you will receive whose uncanny answers will blow your mind. This deck is stunning and a deck I work with every single day -- A must to own. 

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When you read with toni understand that you are safe, for she is non judgemental-

For 38 years, Toni has been reading Tarot, giving precise clarity to those who seek an honest, direct, yet very compassionate reading. She is non-judgmental.

She comes from a long line of psychics and thus she is clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant. Her life path has been about helping people overcome their fear of failure, with that said, she can advise you on steps to take in order to manifest abundance, and career changes.

The first step to manifesting what you most desire is to believe. To push aside old tapes that have been passed down to you from both the matriarchal and patriarchal lineages sides of your family- These old tapes can be about money, career, love, sexuality and so many other experiences that can become burdens rather than the joyous experiences of living your life on your terms rather than pleasing others.

She is an expert working with Twin Flames (the runner/chaser dynamics).She can assist you, as you determine if you have found your beloved, or if your beloved is still out there waiting for you to feel deserving of their love.

Death is a taboo subject which she is comfortable speaking to you about. If you are having a difficult time accepting the transition of a loved one or family pet, she will help you walk through the catacombs of grief to purge and release for acceptance and healing.

Her clients span the gamut of culture and religions. She works with LGBT crowd, sex and intimacy. As well as couples who are exploring polyamorous lifestyles and other lifestyles. Her purpose is to gently guide you via your guides.